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Saturday, Jun 4th, 2011 ↓

Let’s Face It… England’s Not That Good

Much to Steve McManaman’s chagrin I have to agree with Alexi Lalas.  

Yeah, the type of chagrin that made his face look like a plugged up volcano when Alexi said England weren’t “that good” minutes after their elimination from the World Cup at the hands of Germany. 

Fans have wanted Capello out, but little do they realize that he was not the problem. Where the problem was (and still is) is in English football.  The development of players is piss poor at best.  

So whatever Fabio Capello has done during his time as England boss is all he could do.  He did not have that generation-marking performer or a group of players that was looking to flirt with greatness.  

Let’s go back to the Sven days and that was pretty much the same thing.  Not much has changed if you really sit back and look.  Cole, Terry, Lampard, Ferdinand, and even Walcott were on Sven’s side.  Stuart Downing was on the bench.  So there has been some turnover, but the the jury is still out on this new generation.

There are definitely new pieces to the puzzle, but England are still playing the same thing they did prior to Capello arriving. 

Blame the way that teams in the top flight look for foreign players.  The Premiership is one of the best leagues in the world, but how many players on those teams are English?  It was the same argument I had of teams in La Liga over a decade ago.   

Blame the FA for their incompetence handling the national team. 

Blame the players for not having the commitment that is required of them on international duty.  Blame them for being in cahoots with the media and believing the inflated opinion that the English papers have of their own boys.  

Blame them for believing they every pound they earn is what justifies their value.  

Blame their lack of hunger.  

Capello has bled the rock out as much as he can, so it really is not his fault if they do not advance very far in Euro 2012.  He, much like Sven took them as far as they can go.

So England fans want to see him go? So who would come in? 

Ok.  Harry Redknapp sounds like the only logical choice as well he should be.  Let’s say he says “no”… what then? 

Steve Bruce sounds promising right?  Steve Kean?  David Moyes? Alan Pardew? 

Gerard Houllier is available.  What about Rafa?  

Hey… Ray Wilkins is available.  One thing is for sure with him they will always be on their feet.   

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